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These courses are designed as an Introduction to Makaton. They include

  • Bespoke & Themed Taster Sessions

  • Using Makaton with Singing

  • Makaton for Frontline Workshops

  • Know & Grow Christian Makaton Workshop

Prep is so much easier with the new Leve


Starting at Level 1, these courses are for people who want to learn Makaton and use it at home or work.


Participants will learn the Makaton Core vocabulary as they work their way through the Levels.


These are the next step from any Sessions from the Taster range.

Excited to be a participant in a Makaton
Specialist Makaton Courses

There are several specialist courses that may be of interest. Including

  • Makaton approaches to Safeguarding

  • Makaton Signing for Babies and Families 

  • Watch my Needs for those experiencing Memory loss

  • Makaton Train the Trainer

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