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Interested in your employees using the Makaton Language Programme? A good option may be in-house training. In some cases this can be up to 50% cheaper than putting them on individual Makaton courses. We are able to deliver any of our courses In-house in either face to face or online format to your employees.  Our primary area is Surrey, South West London and surrounding areas. If you have employees around the country then an online option may be for you! See our list of available courses below

Makaton Taster Session

A 90 min - 2 hour course designed to get participants interested in learning more. This course teaches 30 signs and symbols and participants have an opportunity to practice their new skills. This course can be made bespoke to include up to 10 signs and symbols that are useful to your setting. 

Makaton Levels 1-4

These levels all come as 1 day courses and work their way through the Makaton core vocabulary. Participants will learn up to 450 signs and symbols, practice using them and watching others use them. These courses are recognised and do not need to be repeated or refreshed annually. The levels replace the old workshops so if you're unsure what level you need, we can help. These courses include practicals as well as formal teaching about the Makaton language programme and how to use it.

Makaton Safeguarding

This 2 day course builds on knowledge from Makaton Level 2. It encourages participants to explore how they would use Makaton with children or adults with communication difficulties who may at some point in there life need to explain a situation to another person or ask for help. Designated Safeguarding Leads and communication champions will find this course very useful. Participants learn lots of new useful signs and symbols from the resource vocabulary such as significant people and places, clothing, body parts and behaviours. 

Makaton Refresher

These are bespoke courses aimed at refreshing and tidying up signs and symbols. Signing is like any other language, if you aren't using it you'll forget it. Often people just need a quick refresh and a confidence boost and they are good to go. We have designed these refreshers to match the Makaton course levels. Participants must have completed the relevant Makaton Level in the past.

Makaton with singing

This short course teaches participants up to 100 signs and have fun practising with some songs to suit all abilities. Perfect for those working in early years as well as parents, teachers, classroom assistants, and community musicians working with young children. No previous Makaton experience needed.